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Related article: Date: Monday, April 12, 2010 21 39th 38 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Jason Gardham u003cgardham1 yahoo. com u003e Subject: " Ben and Me" Chapter 20 This story is fiction, as are the characters, if you think he sees himself in this story, cold, as long as everyone remembers is nothing Young Nn Model Toplist to This story is pure fantasy. " Benjamin and I " was Chapter 20 Benjamin in the early establishment of a hearty breakfast on the patio, so everyone could meet there might be a good breakfast and get to know each other. Ken and Alan were and were out of their rooms prior to father and Jeremy still alive. These two young men took their duties to Benjamin help seriously and were concerned about the transport of material needed to leave the the yard of Benjamin. is Benjamin had to smile at their happiness, both these two handsome guys happened so fast. He stopped what he was doing short to God for the happiness that filled the house thanks. What wonderful collection of Loving men have gathered here, there must be a end, and Benjamin was sure he would know what was the purpose, time had arrived. Dave and Bill came from Thomas, Glen, Robin, Larry, Darin, followed by Gavin and Brad covers yawns when he came in the morning the sun. Ponso, Sam and Luke should still be in bed. All these handsome men, and none wore a garment to cover their muscles the body, except Benjamin, who wore an apron is long lasting, if can call that clothing. I wish I had learned the hard way that mortal is not left without coverage of these vital parts of your body that do not cook damaged while working around a stove. Ken and Alan had been set for all points of the various tables around the Well, orange juice and coffee had been spilled was ready and waiting. Jeremy Gordon, and came out wearing the same clothes that flew from Mexico. They looked at all the beautiful men and saw Jeremy at Young Nn Model Toplist Gordi and said, "thatwe seem a little more dressed. " Gordon laughed when he said, " and that's hard to do because we only clothes on their backs, I think you and I need to do some serious shopping. " Thomas said," Why do not you 'll fall boys clothes and throw on clothing, then it must be clean and ready for us at the time we breakfast. " " I do not want to be on formality here, so you have to get used see us running naked. " Alan came and stood with his arms around his father, a big kiss expect it to his lips before he was Jeremy and repetition of the scene. Ken not left out, and brothers followed suit. Alan. proposal Young Nn Model Toplist that all output to the haberdashery later by some new clothes Ken said : "Dave and Bill have shown us a great place to buy clothes , but both have given us most of the clothes we wear, are actually friends wonderful for us, " bill. " you know it's none of us here, who fail to sh very unevenMonkeys, is the root of all this love and s full of goodness in ' shoulder' Thomas. " The man, the kindest heart of anyone in from the face of the earth. " feels a little embarrassed, Thomas said, "Enough of this nonsense, let's eat, I need to get out of the pool and start my practice. "Every human being without exception went to Thomas and gave him a kiss that he was ashamed to even n more Jeremy. " Do you have a pool," said with Alan: " Yes and it's great, is Olympic size with two diving boards is a special and is great for the father of David, diving, Darin. "" Oh, and best of all, we all swim naked.. " it is the spark Assistant and Jonathan scuba divers are wonderful together, but also do flips " Jeremy Gordon and they both said, " Spark ".... "What? " " What, what " told n Sparkle : " They said, Sparkle, and told me to " at this point, Thomas got up and left the pool, "I will swim if a someone will stop, join me after you get your routine Sparkle boys" done. Bill band ask, " Does anyone want to do on a Saturday barbecue," asked Jonathan if not the last, where everyone went to the flag would be naked and took all the sex toys and interesting things ? Young Nn Model Toplist " Dave said," is there any other kind? " With that, everyone agreed and offered some of the things kids created to help. Chunk, Jeremy, Ken, and Alan looked at her curiously. \\ \\ n Benjamin laughed to see his expression, "do not ask, just be prepared for some great fun and wild sex. " I saw Chunk Jeremy and their children, said:" I have a feeling this is would be a great place to live " Young Nn Model Toplist with a big stupid smile on his face, said Alan :. "Dad, the house is not only s full of love, flowing from all men here, these guys really know how to fill your life with enthusiasm. "" Sexual energy is by itself is enough to keep a man in a state of arousal seven 24. " Intervened Ken said," and if half of the stories we have heard is true, the take the adventure to go into thesupernatural, as angels, demons, the wizard and tell us, Benjamin was a ghost until the archangel made ​​ it s deadly to Michael and Thomas was able to grow old together. " With his arm around the waist Jeremy Gordon said," Well sure made a ransom daring not only to me but to all those who are the Mexican cartels used as slaves. "" Thomas told me that also means that the love of my life here, Jeremy had to leave without me so good. " " We owe this media is a number, and will always have my loyalty and my love. " " Jeremy are my s first and only love to be here with you and my children more than what I only have imagined a week ago. " Jeremy Gordon went into a deep passionate kiss and embrace, as Alan and Ken n joined them in a group hug. before Saturday's ceremonies was Bill, David, Robin and Larry were to Chunk, Jeremy and the guys riding lessons. at dawn on Friday, that to show the trails and a pavilion in its orgy Saturday, food, fun run, and p takes. Sparkle tie and Jonathan went along the drive to enjoy the s in the morning through the countryside. As the pilots were almost beyond the meadow and forest type the door opened and a bright black -haired man went through before and quickly close the portal. Jonathan and Sparkle were followed by his side the few seconds of Bill, Dave, Robin and Larry. Gordon, Jeremy and the boys were seen in the horse that will not interfere, not to know or understand what was happening. Sparkle Manilon presented before asking where gold was Ermer. Manilon was shaken obvious and took a moment to calm down, said before that gold Ermer 's headquarters was under fierce attack by the dark Magi from China working with participants from Iran , Libya, Jordan, Egypt and Syria. Bill asked why gold Ermer attack and his assistants. Manilon said that gold was Ermer white magicians of the message Israel, that by using Zereal, a powerful dark wizardcenter of the eastern , a portal had opened in Iraq near the Tigris and Euphrates allowed demons of the pit, where it has Apollyon chained up for centuries. " Now Ermer gold and white mage attacking other fields around the world in an effort to destroy them before they can mount a resistance. " Ermer Gold has in its strength, but can not break long enough for reinforcements to the magician, the less fortified blank to send fields. " " I'm here to send it to gain their support, the dark wizard Young Nn Model Toplist s have taken a heavy coat of gold around their efforts bearing block Ermer the Archangel Michael "contact said Bill. " Allows return to contact Michael Thomas House "Jonathan Sparkle immediate one. protective shield around your system property. Dave asked him to stay with Gordon, Jeremy, and the child make sure they were safe. Bill Thomas contacted by telephone and assesses the state of emergency. by n the time that the reactionshed the house had Darin Thomas, Glen No, Brad asked to collect and Gavin, in their efforts to achieve a union of angels. Benjamin Robin and Larry asked for new members of their group in the circle prayer. the covenant, as Thomas knelt down and focused on the contact Michael Raphael , Magellan, or Muriel. In a few seconds, a light appeared in the circle y formed rapidly in the Archangel Michael. were without further ado Angels Michael announces that they realize the battle raged the world ahead of the white magician. " Muriel will send in reinforcements to push the demons that are Gold Ermer attack. " "Sparkle is Jonathan and used it to help, but This option would be left completely back to you and your friends here too if they are ". " The angels have to do with demons and I staff on my way to open the portal that managed to close Zereal to be treated, has become too powerful. " Thomas immediately said : "MichaelI can not let that go and Sparkle Jonathan alone, we have to go with them, they almost lost when you can to provide them without our danger, to fight with them again. " said, smiling Michael," way ahead of you Thomas, I knew he would not allow go, so I only have two angels to open a portal to be large enough for you to go through, so Gold Ermer strong. " " Let's do can to protect everyone, but be aware that these struggles are in the intensity to win and there is a great danger to all of you. " " Let's be cautious and Michael thank you to help us. " " Thomas, we need your help, do not need to thank me, is a joint effort against the forces of evil, we are all together in this fight "in question. " Passing through the portal to go to the other by a change to go to in reality, when you get gold Ermer. There will be a small change, but it allowed to move freely and act in the wizard Empire. " With that said, Michael was one two huge angelsappeared. Gave their names as Augustine and Daniel, "Thomas, if you and your men are ready, open the gate for Young Nn Model Toplist you, let's go ahead and closed the seal ". Thomas asked if it were necessary to help Michael. The two looked Young Nn Model Toplist at each other angels before Augustine said : "You are o joke, if we let something happen to one who has Michael, our skins , it will not leave sight. " All were gathered and reported what had happened, and the n eed your help. Tuning Jeremy Thomas and Gordon, said " that's all chance of new to you and there is no need to join us in this struggle, which has been s soon as we met. " Young Nn Model Toplist n Gordon spoke first : "Tom, there is no way that will not be with you, , which hardened fighters with military experience, Jeremy and I will valuable asset in every fight. " Gordon addressed his children to tell stay at home and would return once the battle was over. " Alan and Ken seen orAFTER before Alan said, " do not occur Dad, and Jeremy are not always our eyes, we are not children, We will do whatever it takes to help. " " Where do we go so go and Jeremy not bother to argue with us about it please. " If you pull your child in his arms, Gordon said he understood how she felt, but if he or Jeremy, or anyone else gave an order, there was away, no doubt. Ken agreed and Alan and all were ready. Los Angeles opened the gate and each was made without a second thought about how this worked Portal. Daniel Augustine said : ", which are quite remarkable, are not facing danger without fear. " " This is a unique environment that is growing in many groups around the world , if people knew that there is little time to come, examination of good and bad decisions should be taken ". golden portal opened and Thomas Ermer stronghold and his group arrived followed by streaming of two guardian angels Gold by Ermer his arms around Thomas, " Thank God you came, I guess that s of his show here that you were able to reach Michael. " If they were, and is also good to see gold Ermer, sorry, no in these terrible circumstances, we are here to offer our help. " Michael and his legends are challenging the demons and Michael is to close the portal, the underworld even before you have a dark wizard below under the name Zereal ". face Gold Ermer had a determined Young Nn Model Toplist look, before saying : "Michael get behind me in line when it comes to solving a score with Zereal ". "I take this evil sorcerer, whether the last thing I do Thomas". St. Augustine and Daniel watched in silence the question of gold Ermer with comments about the archangel Michael, waiting behind him, to get Zereal. Bad choice of words gold Ermer, words that should never have been thought of , much less spoken. The Angels remained silent thought. Thomas was surprised by the goldRMER determining step you take Archangel Michael to be an authority on Zereal. Maybe it was the fatigue of the battle instead of talking about the line level Gold Ermer knowledge that had come. He remained in his thoughts without words. Suddenly, there was a wave of purple, from Dave and Bill, traveling to the speed of light, came to the outside of the gold plate Ermer. Demons Magi alike disappeared from view as to ashes. With the way clear gold Ermer immediately sent his most powerful sorcerer through the portals to other fields of white magician. With respect to Jonathan and Sparkle Gold Ermer ordered open a portal to go to Iran and the fight against the dark wizards who have a stronghold in Tehran. Thomas countered by one of their own. "Sorry, but gold Ermer This did not happen. " " Sparkle Jonathan and should not be any time of my point of view. " oro Ermer Appearing angry shouted: "I gave Jonathan Thomas and Sparkle na thatect to the order without interference from you or a someone else. " St. Augustine and Daniel had been silent up to this point. " Ermer GOLD! HAVE lost your mind? Augustine was a force that shook the talk floor of them. He continued, that gold gold Ermer Ermer feet leave the ground and found himself face to face with St. Augustine. "These men came without hesitation, to die with a rare courage witnesses, not knowing what dangers they were exposed, ready defend you and the other magicians from around the world. You raise as much as \\ \\ n of his voice in the lack of respect back and I'll rob your strength and Take to the demons. relying on what was face to face with gold Ermer, St. Augustine said whispered, " get the message Ermer gold? ". Gold Ermer returned to the floor with tears in his eyes Speak with power, but love in his voice, Thomas said :" Gold Ermer, that wine here to help, Bill and Dave immediately, a few thousandDevil s Dark Magician of an attack on their camp, are Jonathan and Sparkle to my protection you have someone else in authority over them. " As for Daniel and St. Augustine, Thomas said, a portal to open to us home. Sparkle Jonathan and looked at the turn of events to the expression amazement, the angels , Thomas Ermer gold and conflict because of them, not knowing what that remained calm. St. Augustine opened a portal and gold Ermer, arm Thomas : "I am Thomas I'm sorry, you must ask anyone I've Young Nn Model Toplist asked from his home in the danger , and send me Jonathan and brightness think Iran would have to put them in grave danger, I apologize. " " gold Ermer, our strength lies in another in love, and Jonathan and Sparkle is very dear to us all. " " We go together like a team we ensure that all go home as a team. "" I'm sorry if I went to the toes, wizard or not, are a part of our family, and do not belong to anyone but God. " Jonathan and Sparkle Thomas embraced with tears in their eyes, " we love you Thomas, also honored us with their unconditional love. " "We are here to help Gold Ermer and know where assistance is most needed, we will work together to do what is necessary. " gold Ermer As Thomas said, "we will do whatever is necessary, but you will get do together when we in Iran had to do battle with the Dark Young Nn Model Toplist Wizards then we'll go together ". " Dear God, Tom, I'm so ashamed of my behavior, they are all so Young Nn Model Toplist honorably n and I told you drive without cause. " With tears of gold Ermer said, "Please Forgive Me". " Of course you are forgiven, ' Thomas Gold Ermer held in a loving embrace, such as , said," I think he forgot to tell us what we need to have to stop assistant in Iran in the After his release from the demons. " " Thomas should I go with you, but dare not leave the field E n in this battle. "" Block most likely Zereal you have no control assistant with a strong shield with no faROM directly to your actions. "" Sparkle and Jonathan, the two most powerful magicians, I know, , and I'm not sure if they break through the shield Zereal. "I was with Bill and Dave Thomas as Bill said, " Gold Ermer, Dave and I n in a position to break Zereal sign, is the struggle, if we break that barrier that we are in danger, will be at this time we should be Sparkle Jonathan and shields gathered around us, and we must remain as a group to get our full strength. " order with respect to Jonathan Thomas and Sparkle, if she knew what Zereal eyes. " Yes Thomas, it is robust and about five feet five inches tall with mousy hair brown with gray strands through it. " " You can not lose, that has the meanest eyes I had to man or wizard "seen. Addressing the gold Ermer Thomas wanted was the best way to remove it when you know \\ \\ n direct contact with him. "I want you to know that we do not look after him, made ​​it clear to Michael thatHe would take care of Zereal personal, but if you need to go against him, we need to know if It ` s one way, he destroyed " can be. " Yes, it is Thomas, is a shield around him, almost impenetrable, if you can get past that direct energy brought to your room chakra, chakra, the yellow is in his heart to destroy it. "" Thomas try to avoid a confrontation with him, he is powerful over all assistants I've ever met, and he obviously has his strength also increases and to be able to open a portal, which demons to escape the sphere of humanity. " " If Iran n the dark wizard, which will free the white magician on measures to overcome the demons that wreak havoc on humanity is, as distributed worldwide. "The Wizard of the few whites who are fighting there now can be killed at an alarming rate and we must act quickly. " Thomas asked if all were ready for the fight before and kids of all gave the OK to open a portal. could not answer before because gold ErmerNiel had opened a portal and stepped through First, Augustine drew others to follow him to approach with s past and quickly. With the arrival of Dave and Bill asked everyone to kneel down, take your hands and form a circle, spread in seconds ultraviolet wave to destroy the demons and Wizards \\ \\ n equally dark so that only the white magician unaffected. remaining n the circle of each person in turn to the outside creates an energy field more n the whole gold Ermer could have created. Jonathan and put a spark protective force field around incredibly strong men before the addition of individual screens for each of them. the only wizards who are dark inside the screen were Zereal n is the center of Tehran. Zereal was furious sending lightning through his n shield in all directions, as he screamed obscenities. He intended to kill , which has interfered with hThe plans are. White Wizard came from all over the world to fight against the demons the side of the angels. Muriel was barking orders like angels demons beheaded by the hundreds, as it forced its withdrawal. Suddenly a large black Young Nn Model Toplist lump seems out of the abyss, is both Augustin and Daniel Thomas said, ", is Apollyon, which isn` t be released until 2012. " In this moment a great shout was in heaven, as the Archangel Michael Rafael load came down with the swords on fire with fire. Augustine realized that Apollyon was chained, but was reinforced by the hordes of demons against Thomas and his group. St. Augustine and Daniel immediately pulled out their swords and drew a circle set calls to the external display, instead of Jonathan and Sparkle. The Angels sign in impenetrable by anything, but most of the demons powerful. The sky was black with the hordes of demons released by Apollyon when she came screaming into the Thomas group of defenders. White Wizard r nushed to his defense, but were of the demons, who counted himself overwhelmed have a 100-1. Nobody knows wizard turned, but fought with all available force. Sparkle and Jonathan Thomas asked permission to join the other attendees, Thomas replied that he needed, we will make our last stand right here and we need every man and that includes your current two. Sparkle Thomas asked Open Augustine have a website and get his men return to safety. Thomas put his arms around both Jonathan and brightness, and said. " I like a both with all my Young Nn Model Toplist heart, but we will stay here until this fight is won " " Then we'll be with you and the other Thomas courage inspires us. "n Bill shouted above all Young Nn Model Toplist the noise of war Young Nn Model Toplist around them led to knees and rotated so that they were all facing each other. Glen looked at his son just in time to see Bill and Dave float off the ground, one by one to bring others begin when was the last man Levitating another wave to the left of the circle. This time it was purple and was on fire, and he shot the country and in heaven. The ground shook as a major earthquake before the men back to the earth. When he opened his eyes, seemed to cover it started to snow like ash at the top of the shield and the ground below. Young Nn Model Toplist Michael and Raphael, appeared in the center of the circle with a bright light around them. Michael reached down and grabbed Bill and Rafael did the same with Dave. " Do you have any idea what they were doing," appears confused Bill said : " I hope nothing bad. " Young Nn Model Toplist With a laugh Michael said : " You and these remarkable men that only of all the demons in 80 light years away from here. " Young Nn Model Toplist " Apollyon has was forced once again the gap was chained in the centuries before and the difference is again "sealed. Are you looking a little confused, says Bill, "and that's a good thing, right? " Michael and Raphael both now laughs, "Yesthat's good for Bill, "is Bill and Dave once again that both depend on open ground, where the other kept the mouth. One thing was to see, Michael and Raphael, and Archangel, but to see that is 20 feet high his friends have in their arms was a Young Nn Model Toplist bit much. Thomas asked what had happened Zereal and Rafael told him to look around in the ash was. Zereal this wave of powerful energy, together with whipped cream all other dark wizard in this hemisphere address the Archangel Michael Thomas said : "I heard Augustine and Daniel Apollyon, when the dark figure rising from the pit saw, and now Apollyon said again into the abyss, who or what forced Apollyon ? " " Thomas in the book of Revelation, John speaks of Apollyon, or Aboddon depending on the language being translated, is in Greek Apollyon , in Hebrew is Aboddon ". " Apollyon known as the destroyer , and that God had locked in the abyss of centuries ago. "" Thesoon will be released in order to fulfill the prophecy, there are some who believe he is, published in 2012. "The timing of his release is not known to us, but knows the time is coming. " Rafael said : "Thomas to keep his faith, love Young Nn Model Toplist God with all thy heart, and \\ \\ n in faith, you and your friends a love that is Young Nn Model Toplist strong and expect unconditional love and continue this after the first view another. " Michael became gold Ermer and knelt before him and took his hands in his , said, "Gold let your frustration or anger Ermer wisdom and the words ". "I know your heart is protective and pure, purity, we know that are loved, be slow to anger and never let them overcome their sense of reason and love. " "Thomas and his men to love and trust you, your lack the trial, had driven from this trust, the guard is something that are, they are valuable ally. " " Even Augustine and Daniel was placed in the way he spoke to Thomas, which is a dangerous crime to puin yourself. " Gold Ermer wept openly in their shame," said Thomas has " n. " I forgave Michael Thomas Ermer forgiven gold, complete, he never mentioned again. " " what Thomas said to Jonathan, and spark outside the right of the " s, which belong to God as it does with all his creation, should be n in account at all times. " to keep who said Michael was Young Nn Model Toplist a loving Young Nn Model Toplist embrace Ermer gold," you are very dear gold Ermer, what you need in your heart, say that " back. Gold Ermer assistant worldwide, where they had ido to help and things were more or less to normal if you have any name can be this is completely normal. Jeremy, Chunk, and their children could not stop talking about what he was place, and how happy to be part of it. Thomas Gold Ermer, wrapped in his arms and hugged him, "I love you Gold Ermer, visit our website if you can. " Replied Up Thomas Gold Thomas Ermer and others can dependent and thanked him for coming tohis assistants, "and thanks to Thomas forgive me. " With a wink Thomas said : "I forgive you what. " I asked the angel, as , to open a portal back home and in seconds they were all safe n within the limits of his farm under blue skies and warm temperatures. St. Augustine and Daniel to say goodbye and have gone on the blink. laughing asked Benjamin Gordon, Jeremy and the boys were still with them. Jeremy said, " Oh God, this is the most exciting thing that had ever happened in our life. " "I can only speak for myself, but I am with you until the end. " \\ \\ N Gordon and the boys echoed that sentiment. " Bill and Dave and saw Jonathan and sparkle, as he said, " we were in the the midst of planning a barbecue for Saturday were not man. " Thomas stood between Gordon and Jeremy with his arms around the shoulders kisses to each cheek, " life goes on and onYou will get used guys. " For Jeremy Gordon and Thursday and Friday was known days, no only with other men of the house, but the ranch itself, there was much s to see. \\ \\ n Both Gordon and Jeremy were concerned about finding work. Thomas asked what kind of work they were, and Gordon said he was in financial Planning before the fall of the economy. said Thomas was search of a financial expert to run the finances of the ranch. Young Nn Model Toplist said Glen n that our medical assistant can be used to care for him, but your doctor the practice took most of his time. " They go on the other hand, books with Glen to see if the job is all that Young Nn Model Toplist could be of interest in? " " Of course, if this is something I could do it successfully is for you, I will be happy to take over the job. "Jeremy and I would like to pay our way here, Thomas, We are honored for their kind hospitality, but not tapped. " " Gordon is the rent that the love they give us all pay. " "At a Glanceeach other and reach out to others who need help is the way they are paid all individual taxes. "" The care of the financial concerns ranches n will pay a thousand per week and benefits include getting some vaccine our adventures. " Laughing Gordon said : " How can a man pass a deal like this, I assume , the work of Thomas ny I promise I will always do what's best for you and for all s here ". " is a fact, you are committed, if Glen has a day off to show what the books and he gives you all the help you need. " Stakeholders seemed a little uncomfortable Jeremy Thomas asked what he type of work you did. A little flushed, said Jeremy, who paints for marine life in the in San Diego, I'm sorry, but I'm not really trained in a particular area or Thomas trade. ", you said that he painted for the Navy wanted to paint ? " from now really flush Jeremy said : " I painted boats, Battleship usually gray, that's all I could find to do, when I left the Navy and the n OffeRed I work and the pay was decent, so I took it. " With a big smile on his face, Thomas said : " Jeremy, you have no idea how Happy Go Brad has been in charge of maintaining this ranch almost alone was delivered. " " Bill and Dave started teaching in of the University ". " If you do not mind sharing that position with him the task of him and also pay a week per thousand. " at the time, Brad and Gavin came in and told Jeremy Thomas could take a job with him n for the maintenance of the property, if he could speak with it. \\ \\ n Brad immediately fell on his knees before Jeremy hands together as if praying. "Please, please, Jeremy, I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed HELP that bad. " , laughing, said Jeremy, you know, you are all a little crazy, of course, I'll take the job if you see me. " been told Thomas, that the jobs you boy, you can at any time that suits begin. Brad Jeremy moved from his chair and began dancing around the room with him, singing "Gavin I have a couple of hoursPRS Thomas I can not work until death more, Yahoo, Yahoo, Yahoo " Gavin said, coming down. " Yes, Tom is working in each of us to death thanks for the help Jeremy of "". my poor Brad worked, and joking aside Jeremy that everyone is happy they are with us now, and Gordon, you are a wonderful addition to our family. " joined the Saturday morning, and everyone gathered on the farm, as Jay -bird naked. Ken, Alan, and their parents waiting to see what happens later. had several horses lined with blankets, but no saddles. the boys accumulated twice to accommodate the four new members to do of the family. Jeremy Thomas waved from behind and pulled it as Benjamin Gordon came up with it. Bill and Dave, Ken and Alan drive with them. as followed in single file through the meadow, Jeremy was the celebration of with their arms around Thomas. with his penis and testiclesback rub s Thomas, had become rock hard, he apologized to Thomas, "sorry Thomas, because in his area makes me wake up, go to be angry with me". Thomas raised his hand and took one of Jeremy 's hands down and wrapped it s of his own erection. "There is nothing that Jeremy, what a shame to be to see the sense of reciprocity. " relax a bit Jeremy let out a breath. Laughing, Thomas said, "yes Jeremy keep breathing, I hate to give Gordon lost the knowledge of the absence of oxygen. " " Yes, but I'm still in the familiarity has used everything, I love n However, it is drink some " getting used to. " I have a feeling the time on that day you will get used to that Jeremy ". This flag came to dismantling and Jonathan went to each and Sparkle only Ben Wa balls and lubricants. Glen, Robin, Larry, and Darin the tip of one of the loops. Brad and Gavin went to the stockade, and is the palette. Dave and Bill began by Hanof ice-cold beer was a thing of that nobody wanted, and after that walk in the sun all it. Thomas and Benjamin were in the selection of dildos looking y butt plugs. Ponso Lucas had to pee in the tub galvanized oval was trying to Ponso much as he could to put in the mouth. Gordon, Jeremy, Alan, and Ken stood for a moment with his mouth Open to sex paraphernalia scattered. Alan noted that Larry, Young Nn Model Toplist now wearing a ponytail, Robin and put your ass Robin was determined to take as Larry Lube and drove in Jeremy looked at her lover and asked if he had anything to agree to see. the response Gordon was " everything turns me on, where to start ? " said n Alan ". I want a ponytail this, come on, Ken" " Yes, look beautiful, I would try one. "They were to leave their parents think their next train. Bill and Dave took over the newcomers before they had time tothat on what I wanted Young Nn Model Toplist to do first. Carried to where it was leather cuffs hang on a tree branch, subject to Bill Gordon on the wrist as Jeremy did with a silly grin on his face. Bill and Dave pulled the rope until Gordon 's feet were about six inches off the ground. Dave Gordon took the balls together and ball stretcher and then a leather cock ring is fixed in place. Gordon's seven-inch cock was hard and Jeremy leak and the leak was difficult to see just what was going on of her lover. Bill took Jeremy 's hands and tied behind their backs, Young Nn Model Toplist bent over him Dave Bill y lubricated a butt plug and put it in front of the Gordon took a few feet high, so that his cock was level with Jeremy in his mouth. They were received to Jeremy Young Nn Model Toplist Gordon Jeremy Gordon and took the arms and legs to Gordon brace for your feet behind the back support Jeremy keep it together, nothing to the imagination Young Nn Model Toplist of Jeremy but Gordon Co `sBack to her mouth and was dripping precum was with on its axis. Jeremy had the idea and began to lick his balls what Gordon writhe in pleasure before he took his cock in my throat. Statement knelt and began sucking his cock Beautiful Jeremy and Dave was behind Gordon and his tongue run to crack Gordon ass. Gordon 'n his head emerged with sexual pleasure. When Dave spread the cheeks of her ass s apart and the language of your hole Gordon Jeremy shot his load of throat. Jeremy then shot his load on the neck of Bill... Laughing, both Bill and Dave Gordon dissolved and left him on the floor while her knees went weak experience and was in the arms of Jeremy. Dave and Bill, made ​​his second beer and said, "You are always two The idea, which is an orgy, just for fun. " n Jeremy, "said that you are fantastic, and yes, I think, Chunk and Young Nn Model Toplist I have the idea of ​​, bothers you, if I can replace this anal plug with a ponytail ? " said Dave " Jeremy, you guys Do What turns you on, is the day ". Gordon Jeremy look like, " Do you really want to take one of the ponytail? " " Yes, I think they look hot, and I felt very comfortable here that connects to top Try it you want? " Gordon said laughing. " Yes, in fact, I want, " Jeremy has a ponytail and Gordon butt plug with s to help Jeremy, spent action takes place in a sling to observe. Valley hands tied above her head, Larry has been on both sides of face deep shit him as Robin had taken Glen 's legs and fastened to the ankle y was sentenced cuffs bubble butt of his fast and furious. was after tongue fuck him when Robin was shot down in Robin nuts. Ponso bent over a barrel and was surprisingly Lucas as Sam Sat between the legs of Lucas Lukas 's cock stuffed in her throat. Benjamin Thomas was convicted with his legs on the shoulders of Thomas, Bill Thomas was between the legs suck balls as Dave Thomas Benjamin astride , and face fucked him. The smell of sex was overwhelming, as Gavin said, " I have a lot of piss for anyone who wants it. " Robin, Larry, Bill and Dave said, to be received by the tub. Bill and Dave a jump in the end, as Robin and Larry snuggled country at the other end. Each had a full bladder at the moment and gathered around the tub. Any unleash the urine streams of beer covering the boys as they tried to , so much he could drink. Alan and Ken could not wait to jump in the tub with them and sat in the center. Jeremy Gordon and made sure that has a route full of beer urine aimed directly at the pretty faces. The children open their mouths and several the boys knew their place in the mouth Young Nn Model Toplist full faster than Alan Ken y could be swallowed. empty your bladder until all had the tub was almost half of full of urine. Gordon put his empty beer bottle in the tub and filled with urine and everyone started drinking. " Wow, that really tastes great. " EV with this commenteryone there fill their bottles, some raised their hands, and others only leaned over and drink from the bathtub. 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